Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
My name is Grey Heron and as your chief purser I am pleased to welcome aboard our company.
Boarding is finished by now. We shall be leaving shortly for Lyon. In front of you, you will find a security leaflet containing emergency procedures and you are requested to read it carefully. The cabin crew is now doing the safety demonstration about the use of seat belts and oxygen masks and will show you the emergency issues of this aircraft



Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching an area of turbulence and we may experience bumpy conditions. For your own comfort and safety we request you to keep seated and fasten your seat belts. Thank you for your understanding.











 Ladies and gentlemen in few moments we shall land at Lyon Tête d'Or airport. Will you please fasten your seat belts and fold the tables away. It is six past twenty; the outside temperature is 23°C with a mild west wind. We kindly request you to keep seated during taxiing and until the complete stop of the aircraft. Thank you







 Ladies and gentlemen, please take care when opening the overhead racks and make sure don’t forget anything. We have been glad to have you on board and hope you enjoy the flight. We thank you for flying us and hope we may welcome you again on our lines. Good-Bye